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Doctor who is a woman!!


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OK, so thats old news. But anyone else watch the new Doctor Who over the weekend? If so, what you think of the new doctor? 

Format of the program seems to have changed a bit, which is probably not a bad thing. I recon she might actually be quite good once you get used to her.

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15 hours ago, chelseafan said:

About time!

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See I've always thought "What is wrong with the doctor being male?". There were a lot of things about asking why it was never a women, never black etc, and I dont see the logic. So the doctor can regenerate. That doesnt mean that it cant be "This timelord is a man" lol

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It's great! Definitely injected a bit of life into what was becoming a tired and jaded series. I suppose I can see why some have criticised but, personally, I just see some great acting and the gender's irrelevant (and yes, I used to watch the very first series of Dr Who 😀 )

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