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Official Husky Camp 2019


Message added by Marc

List of people attending Husky Camp 2019 - If you book, let us know!

Marc, Sarah & Matthew + 4 dogs
Dunc & Susan
Caroline, Phil, Chesnut + 3 dogs
Andy, Kells, Eden + 1 dog
Lou, Rich + 2 dog
Phil, Ann-Marie + 2 dog
Marianne & Dave + 2 dogs
Gary & Lynn + 2/3 dogs (thats 2 or three. Not 2 thirds)

Barry & Ann  + 2 dogs
Tony & Kathy + 2 dogs
Rachael + 1/2 dogs
Rob & Di + 3 dogs  
Matt & Bev + 6 dogs
Jonathan and Diane + 3 dogs
Erik and Fee + 2 Dogs

Dan & Mowgli.

And Kevin 



31 Adults, 2 children,  34/37 dogs

If you wish to be added to the list of people attending, please post below with names of people, and how many dogs. Only 100% attending please for the list as this is for planning purposes

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It's an official husky what?

For nearly a decade now, we have been running an official husky camp for our forum members. This is a chance for people to get to meet in person, and for many a holiday that is easier to do with the dogs. This is done in a way that both people and huskies can enjoy. It was started originally as a way to get around it being difficult to have a holiday with dogs, and make it easier to enjoy due to everyone around you also having dogs of their own. 


When is it?

Husky camp for 2019 will run from Friday 10th-17th May (Friday to Friday)


Where is it?

The Meadows (this is the field we are generally on, but just ask for where the husky group is staying)
Ty Mawr Holiday Park



How do I book?

You can book through their website, which is here

Ring this number to book for some reason the website is playing up there are caravans available 01745832079 (Say you're with the Husky Owner's Forum; they may be in The Meadows Field, but check. )


Is it just like a 'dog convention' type thing?

Far from it LOL. Whenever I explain to people what husky camp is, in the shortest amount of words possible, it tends to be this. We go for walks and stuff during the day, enjoy food together, and generally have a good drink at night. We're about as far from being some boring convention as you could possibly get LOL. 


Are there many of you go? Am I welcome? Can I bring my partner etc

We have had as many as 130 people at camp, and as little as 10. As you can see from that alone, the numbers can vary wildly. No need to ask if you are welcome at camp! Of course you are welcome! partners etc also welcome. All we ask is that you are responsible for the people that you bring (we are respected for being a good set of people, who are clean and tidy at camp, and don't cause trouble),  adhere to camp rules, and generally don't give the site a bad name. 


What facilities are there?

  • Electric hook up
  • Static caravan hire or camping
  • Shower and toilet blocks
  • Eating places on and around camp 
  • Swimming pool
  • Play area for the kids if you have any 
  • Wifi on site


Where do you walk? What do you do?

Just to give you a very brief idea of the kinds of things we do, based on years gone by. Some of which we do each year (of course not all).

  • Beach walk
  • Alyn Waters walk
  • Talacre point walk
  • Llandudno walk along the front
  • Aber falls
  • Newborough Forest - Anglesea
  • Pensarn beach
  • Conwy Castle / Conwy walk
  • Sun Set walk
  • Secure offload where all the dogs can be set free to let off some energy
  • Meal over at the local restaurant 
  • BBQs done by Barry (small charge to cover costs between us)
  • Breakfasts done by Dunc & Andy (small charge to cover costs between us)
  • Camp fire and drinks at night
  • Adult style pass the parcel (Yes, this really happens, and it hilarious!)


Added a few pics here for people who haven't been before, to give you an idea. And also a video of the offlead, which is always fun


















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Booking the dates off at work

Me Kells and Eden +Darwin for definate and maybe eldest son Gary too

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3 minutes ago, gryffindork83lou said:

Good camp announcement post Marc! 

I guess you better put our names on the list! 😊

Lou, Rich, Dallas & Sabre 


2 minutes ago, nikitashuman said:

Oh no which dog of mine has been banned from camp ? Lmao

Thats nothing. I put mine down as 2 originally lol

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8 minutes ago, Guinnessman said:

Glad to see I’m already on the list. Top post Mark!

May well be two dogs by then...........

Course you're already on the list. You were getting dragged kicking and screaming if needs be :D LMAO.

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Awesome, please add Kathy and I to the list, along with Fin and Muon. Hopefully I'd be able to manage cover for the Dog Hotel, we already have bookings. We are planning on coming for the week.

Nice post Marc.

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