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Husky safe holiday cottages - West Wales


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Hey all,

I couldn't find an appropriate place to post this. 

I went for a weeks holiday to Little Dumpledale Farm in West Wales. https://littledumpledale.co.uk/

The farm is run by a family who has a love for dogs. Each of the premises on site is dog-friendly and the main thing, husky secure. I was able to leave my three like I do at home in the garden without any fuss or issues.

I am from West Wales, so to give you an idea of how great this place is, I could have stayed at my parents' house, but this suited me much better!

I am sure there are other places in the UK that will accept dogs. The challenge I found was dog-friendly and husky-friendly are two different things. 



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Is there a place where you can swim? I just think. That if you go somewhere to relax, then where you can swim and sunbathe. I love to travel with my dog, and I am happy that there are places where you can relax with the animals. Recently, I went with my dog to relax on the sea and got a lot of impressions. Before heading there, I read the detailed description of the accommodation at pet friendly Cottages in St Ives. I was very pleased with the fact that there are cottages where people can live together with the dogs.

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