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What do you feed your dogs?


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24 minutes ago, BingBlaze n Skyla said:

usually anything u can buy at the supermarket is worth avoiding as they're very low quality , any reason your grandmother cant handle the raw food ?

She had surgery and I fear she might get sick. My grandfather might be able to as I prepare my dogs food in containers. 

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11 minutes ago, BingBlaze n Skyla said:

If you can prepare the meals daily that would probably be best as swapping food over can give them the runs and upset their stomach

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I will try. I just don't want my grandmother touching the container/ washing it. She was supposed to board but they gave her kibble when I sent her with 6 containers of raw meals. Thy called me letting me know She was so sick and I said "that is not okay I am taking my dog and want a refund." My roommate picked my dog up and had to monitor her. 

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O don't get me wrong. Iams is not the best. 

I just know that is what most kennels and boarding place will use if they run out of the food that the owners left. Never heard or saw any of them have an issue with a few feedings.

I absolutely agree that if there is way to keep her on her normal food then that would be best.


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