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RIP Tyler


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RIP Tyler Some of you may know that I got my first Malinois a few months ago. He was about a year old when i got him, fitted into my home with my other dogs like he was part of the family and that it was meant to be. Last month he had to go into the vets with Stomach problems and seemed to be recovering until last night he started feeling very sorry for himself, at 5am he passed a lot of blood in the kitchen and i rushed him into the vets again. He stomach hadn't healed right after the Operation and had comlications that meant he lost blood suply to the rest of his stomach. I only had this boy a short time and i grew to care for him over night and i will miss him as he was more than a dog he was my support dog that helped me regain my indipendance in teh short time he picked up and took up that roll that allowed me to live a relativly normal life, to be able to shop and do other normal things

I got him by accident as i had been looking for a dog to replace my old man GSD i lost in November who had retired at 15 years of age due to health problems. He came in and got on with my husky, all my human freinds and thier dogs, rose to the challange of being my support and picked up that training almost as quickly as he fitted into and became a part of my home, in the few months i had him I grew to love him over a few days as it seemed to be an instant match I will miss him as I have lost 2 dogs now in under a year





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