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New husky owner

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So, as a brand new (finally!) husky owner, my boy is only a mere 2 months old, Siberian/Malamute I figured I would post a thread and get some tips on what’s best for our little pup. Today is only the fourth day we’ve had him, we have three children and my wife has a 9 year old deer head chiuhuhua. If anyone has any tips about obedience training, length of walks (in summer), grooming, hair cutting?, dental tricks (keep them teeth pearly white), anything is super appreciated. Thanks so much. 

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I have been ensuring I eat first (all humans in the house eat first) then the original animals (two cats) in the house eat, and then my Sibes eat. Keeps a firm  understanding of each pack members place. I also do not allow my pups to take anything from the others (pups are not aloud to chew on their cat tree, play with their toys, eat their food, or lay in their favorite spots)

I am the alpha because I am the one that is home all day with them and is in charge of training. Right now no one else in the house really works with them. Not until they have basic manners and  obedience down. (Don't know if that is the right thing or not, but my kids are teenagers and we're confusing the pups- a friend suggested one person until they are not confused anymore) It seems to be working.

Puppy proof, Puppy proof, Puppy proof. Get on your hands and knees and see if anything in your view would be harmful to him.

When he does something cute.... is it a behavior that would be acceptable when he is 60 pounds?

Training and  patients! Lots of good humor.

Food, walks, treats... talk to your vet.

Mine are 3 months and don't have all their shots. However, I work closely with my vet and walk them 2x a day for 20 minutes. Early morning and before bed time. I have to walk the boy or else he is into everything and gets too rough with his sister and us.

You will hear and read a lot of different suggestions. Pick what works best for him and your family. 

Don't forget patients. LOL

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Uggg. That is hard...

It seemed like mine slept 24/7 the first week.

Mine are confined to the front of the house until fully house broken.( I had a doggie door installed out to their dog run.). All most there. Best thing ever and was so worth it. LOL I make noise during the day and then everything is quite and dark at night , so I think they just understood. 

We are on our 5 night of sleeping straight through the night. 

Find a dark cool place for him to be at at night. Mine sleep on the air vents. I swear they smile when the AC kicks on and will lay there until it turns off.

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