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Best food for puppies


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Hi there, Its us again! 

So i was wondering guys, what food i should start giving Cosmo now that he's 2 months old. I'm in Colombia so I may not have all the same brands you have out there.

Two of the best are Dr. Clauders and Purina PRo Plan Focus.

Id greately appreciate your replies!!

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Hello. I would recommend feeding your COSMO Baby the Purina PRO or Purina One Smart Blend Lamb & Rice for Puppies if they have it. I'd make sure the food is for "PUPPIES" for Medium or Large Breeds, which should say on the bag. This food has quality high protein, lots of good carbs along with nutrients & vitamins.
(Puppies need lots of protein & carbs to assist in their rapid growth & development. If your pup gets runny[emoji90], it's because their system is still developing along with needing good protein for their growth.)
*Also, you could give COSMO a "Puppy" MultiVitamin every day.
**You can keep COSMO on this food for up to 2 years.
COSMO is absolutely adorable!!

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I can’t offer much advise on the raw side but Kibble wise, look for something that’s grain free as that’s generally better tolerated than one full of filler ingredients.

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