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How to introduce yourself

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1 hour ago, wolfpup said:

Handsome boy.   You dont say where you are  (country)   I am in the UK and use  Billy No Mates -  herbal only   - just put a teaspoon of the herbs on their food a day.    No toxins  -  and even safe for my epileptic boy.

Hey thanks! We’re in Florida. Will have to try Billy No Mates.

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Introducing yourself (and using the forum in general) is actually pretty simple. But if you havent used a forum before, here is how to make your introduction to get yourself started.   First

Hi there my names Cat and I am a 35 year old Housekeeper from the great old city of Cardiff in Wales. Now for the fun part. My partner decided Alaska was a good name.... apparently we are a

Hi! Alaska is really cute. 🙂 I agree on the specific breed info being so useful. For example...where else could you find people who know so much about how to deal with so much fur!!! 😁  

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Hi everyone! my name is kerrie I’m about to be a first time husky mom to a beautiful girl she’s nearly five weeks old I will be picking her up at the end of this month I can’t wait! 😁🐕🐶






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