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1 hour ago, wolfpup said:

Handsome boy.   You dont say where you are  (country)   I am in the UK and use  Billy No Mates -  herbal only   - just put a teaspoon of the herbs on their food a day.    No toxins  -  and even safe for my epileptic boy.

Hey thanks! We’re in Florida. Will have to try Billy No Mates.

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Hi Everyone! 

This is Edison (aka Eddy).  He's almost 6 months old and  LOVES the snow. He'll also do anything for a treat and a belly rub.

 He's not a talker quite yet, unless you're cooking or getting ready for work not showing him 100% of your full attention...he'll let you know.

He's such a mellow boy and has been the perfect addition to our family



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