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How to introduce yourself

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Introducing yourself (and using the forum in general) is actually pretty simple. But if you havent used a forum before, here is how to make your introduction to get yourself started.


First scroll down the page and find the introductions section. Click on this



Once you are there, you are in a the introductions 'forum' where you can see all other peoples introductions. You can click to view any of these if you like, but for now, click on "New topic" which is how you will create your own (Ignore the fact I am in the wrong forum here :D )



From here, creating your introduction is as easy as 1, 2, 3 post

  1. Add a title for your post
  2. Add the content of your post
  3. You can add any images here.

Once done, just click to submit your topic. And there is your first post done :) 



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Nice one

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Hello, I’ve recently adopted a husky and at that same time I was diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks ago, but i have to exercise my husky everyday as you all know and it’s been helping me with my health as well as his. My husky is more than just a pet to me he’s my best friend and I have created a YouTube channel looking to inspire people like me. If you would like to watch our story feel free to watch our videos and subscribe  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-4jCezRf324

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Hi, I'm BaltoSalisbury.

I'm new here. I'm also a first time Siberian Huskey mom. I've never this before, so forgive my fumbling around, lol....


Balto!! He is a bit crazy!






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