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Community Software Update


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Whilst I doubt many will have notices much yet, the community software that we are using has just been upgraded to the new version. Whilst there are many bits which have been tweaked here and there, here are the highlights that you may notice on the site


  • Subscriptions - The 'store' we had where sponsor subscription could be purchased has now been removed, and there is now a subscriptions section at the top of the site. This has been somewhat tidied up to make it a little more user friendly for those who do wish to subscribe to be a site sponsor. There will be more work done on that over time, and more to announce with regards site sponsors
  • Announcements - You may soon see important announcements showing on the forum in a more visible form. The first one I will be setting up shortly, which will simply be a link to the camp in 5 weeks time. Of course this may well be used for other fun things we want to draw your attention to over time, so you don't miss out.
  • Videos - Whilst I encourage you to upload videos to youtube and link where possible, if you do upload a video to the site, it will now embed in the same way as a youtube one will, rather than just be a download link.
  • Gallery - The gallery has had a bit of a revamp, and the upload process you should find a lot more user friendly.
  • Emojis - You will now notice that the smiley palate contains all of the popular emojis that you find on your phone, on facebook, and many other areas of the web these days.

There are more bits to come, as and when I get around to doing them, so this is just for starters.

Just to note, you will see the images bar has disappeared from the top of the forum. Don't worry, that's not a full-time retirement. It just needs a little work for the new version before it can be reapplied. It will come back in time.

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