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My two guys and girl hard at work

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Yesterday was one of the rare days that only two sleds went out, and my own three dogs were all in the teams as well. It was around -22°C and a beautiful nice day with clear skies. The guests had a blast, two of them even came from Australia. But with the clothing that we provide them with everyone was nice and warm. Took quite a few photos and here are some with my dogs in it :-)

Sixten in lead on the right (with 10-year-old Treacle as 'teacher')


Sixten is insane with pulling. When the sled is stopped, when he wants to go, he will go. Even when you're on the brake with all your weight he will still manage to move the sled on his own.


Dex and Pixel in lead for the other sled.











Some people don't realise just how much snow there is here. We make the trail by driving over it with a snowmobile a lot, which makes the snow very dense and compact. But once you go off the trail, well..


Yes. He is standing there and trying to walk through the deep snow :P


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2 minutes ago, chelseafan said:

Wow, that snow! Love the pics.
What did the Australians think of the snow?

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Oh, they loved it. They have been in this area before a few years ago so they knew what they were up against :-)

A few days ago we had a group of people from the Canary Islands who genuinely never seen snow before. They basically turned into children, playing in the snow. Their snow angels are still visible at various spots around the kennel.

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[emoji23][emoji23] What you have is what I call proper snow, it snowed here a while ago but it melts too quickly and turns to slush, ugggh!
The snow seems to bring out the child in everyone!

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