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Angels upcoming operation

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Hey guys, long time no see.  Angel has an operation on monday.  She has a condition on her eyes called entropion.  Usually its something that shows up at a young age, but hers for some reason has started at 8 years of age!  So an operation is booked for monday which will reduce the loose skin and stop her eyelids rolling inwards.  Its classed as a major surgery according to the vet and the poor girl will have some patches on her face and be sore for a while.  BUT considering her eyes at the moment are so sore she can barely see on bad days I think it will be an improvement for her.


So naturally I migrated here, somewhere I feel safe to share my concerns and worries amongst people that will understand.

Ive added an old photo of her because I dont want anyone to see her with her awful poorly eyes.  Lets preserve her dignity bless her xx

14-12-2013 15;45;32.JPG

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Hi there Lou. Good luck with the operation Angel. I had a cat who’s eyelids started to turn inwards in his old age but in his case it was only to a minor degree so one eye would water a lot for a day or two and then be relatively ok for a while . He crossed the rainbow bridge before it had progressed much further. Take care and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery xxx

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