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Puppy Naming Help!

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I will be picking up my new puppy in about a month now! I am super excited and have started to think of names for her. She is a purebred siberian husky. Female, grey and white. No pictures to share right now, but there will be lots of those when I pick her up. It will be a long day getting her as she is 6 hours (one way) from me. But it will be so worth it! 

Anyways... I have been writing down a list of names and I am looking for more suggestions. Looking for something more unique, not as common and NO human names. I like names that have to do with winter too. 

On the list so far:

- Laika

- Aura

- Glacier

- Arctic

- Halo


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I like "ACADIA" = Fr./The Atlantic Provinces of Canada (Eastern part I believe). Canada is a very cold/arctic & snowy country...but is so beautiful!! I love the name Acadia (and not a very common name).
Good luck and let us know when you get your sweet baby!!

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I first posted this in 2010 . . . :)

Koda was our first choice name for Daughtry then within weeks there were about 5 Koda or Kodahs on the forum so we changed her name to daughtry (after the awesome american rock band)

but in 2010 I asked the question. . . . .


Sooooo. . . .

How did you name your Huskies. .(or any pet for that matter) ??

We have had cats and other dogs before getting Koda

And we’ve always gone through a torturous process in finding suitable names.

We always start off by getting each member of the family to write down as many names as they

can come up with, fun/cute /silly/absurd/normal or just plain boring all are considered.

We try to take in to account any striking physical markings or differences.

We then combine all the lists and give each family member a copy of the master list.

Each person then has to choose thier top 5 names.

We then combine the top 5’s and go around again until we have whittled several hundred

names down to 5 that we all sort of like. . . .

Now we get to the SHOUTY phase. . .lol

We shout the names as if calling our dogs from a distance to see how they sound. . .coz. . .

When your dog manages to get away from you and is barrelling across the park with the

intention of inserting something physically into another dog, nose or. . .erm. . other bits. . . . or.

. .deciding that , that teacup Yorkshire terrier is the ugliest cat its ever seen and well. . .it just

has to be eaten.

You are gonna start bellowing its name to get it to come back, stop or otherwise distract it.

It’s at this point that “Veridian Gargoyle Saccharine Snugglebunnies” sounds utterly stupid as

you leg it after your dog screaming THAT at the top of your lungs.

Or if you have given it what you consider to be a suitable name for your so cute puppy. .

.remember when half a ton of Rottwieler is going like a frieght train away from you, and you are

shouting “Peanut!!!! come back Peanut”

Many really great names have been discarded at the Shouty phase.

So we are now down to a couple of names and we just start saying thenmto get a feel, does the

dog respond, am I comfortable with the name?

At this point we end up throwing the whole lot out because one of us says a name randomly

out of the blue that everone just lights up and goes. . .”Oooooh yeah”

Such was the case with both Echo and Koda.

LOL. . .

So how do you name your dogs. . . .

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I am afraid I need to see a dog first before I can think of a name  -  it should suit the dog.    When I got Lunar  nearly 13 years ago (rescue) he had a different name  -  but he named himself after the first two nights with us.   We left the back door open for potty breaks overnight  (he was a young pup still)   and he woke us up both nights, when we went to investigate we found him trying to howl at the moon sitting in the back garden.    When we got Marley (rescue) he again was still a young pup,  his first name was Chad and when I got him he was called Marley  -  I fully intended to change his name to something more suitable for a husky - however it soon became abundantly clear he had already grown into his name  (ever seen the film  Marley & Me)?   I think one of his previous owners had sat him down to watch the film and he took that dog as a role model  :huskyfall:


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Hi, it took a while for me to choose for my 2, it helped me when I saw them and if the chosen name suited them.
Here’s a few........
Neve.......Latin for snow
Lucia.......Saint of Xmas
Juneau..... Capital of Alaska
Aubin....... French for snow
Nevada.....means snowball
Agaska..... Cherokee for rain
Ama..........Cherokee for water
Bonita......Apache for beautiful
Gola........Cherokee for winter
Please post pics when you can

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I have to admit we chose Amy after a few beers watching Big Bang Theory while we were weighing up wether we were going to give her a forever home
I liked Penny too but drew the line at naming her Bernadette!!

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OMGosh... I LOVE all of your stories!! I'm still laughing!!🤣 I love all the names suggested too...great ones!!
If you can, take some pics and post...that does help when naming them. Then when you post photos... we'll all jump back in for the FUN Name Game!!
One name, I don't think I've ever heard of with a dog being named, is AQUA...esp if it has blue eyes (though their eyes can go through different color shifts as they get older). Hope it loves water like mine do!!

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