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New Coolaroo bed!

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ive been looking at these raised style beds since zen was a puppy, i figured it would be a good option for outside in the summer. last summer she would lay on a pool lounge chair made of similar material at my parents, so i knew this bed wohldnt be a waste. suprise! they went on sale on amazon for almost half price! i looked into the coolaroo brand and they seemed to be pretty high in quality and always near the top of the list when i google these types of beds. the large one was on sale so i got that one. zen is like 56lbs, she can lay and stretch out and still have room to spare! it seems quite sturdy

the miracle is she left the couch to go lay on it! (and she's become quite the couch hog!) she loves it! its definately a good buy



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I got one of these:      http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pawhut-Elevated-Pet-Sleep-Bed-Dog-Cat-Cool-Cot-Home-Outdoor-Folding-Portable-M/381929634150?hash=item58ecc7b966:g:g~cAAOSwA3dYgFQ9

Hoping that Lunar would use it to get off the laminate flooring for his old bones,  -  but no  all its used for is for Marley to stand on it to better see out of the lounge window - he no longer has to stand on his hind legs to see out !

Still hoping that one of them will eventually work out what it is for  -  they both seem to prefer my settee  -  neither use the two seater settee  (which was meant for them) they want my 3 seater of course!

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