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Just wanted to share some cool photos I just took at 5 degrees Fahrenheit and snow!![emoji300]️[emoji300]️[emoji300]️

[emoji92]Happy New Year 2018[emoji92] and [emoji92]Happy New Year's Eve[emoji92] to some!!

CHEERS TO YOUR CELEBRATION!![emoji171][emoji92][emoji171]

(Diamond Dust/Ice Crystals Falling in SUN)

(Sun with Red Tailed Hawks up high)

(Diamond Snow...I call it)

(Snow Pile for my Babies)

(More Diamond Dust)

(ARMANI cuddling with his blanket)

(ALINAH loving her purple blanket)f163f375d472a3aa2a1b4b0b812e0866.jpg59db9eb1ff5276927834254442b5a129.jpg22eb7401da9c628fe8d2619c4400a939.jpg7d6fa26fcbe11900867f04de718ad19a.jpgd3d68078e9338376592a601e645ee77c.jpga3d90daf67745620d81c7d3f021f7603.jpg6dd7998f9535e1a032b8a6593de08e8b.jpg


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P.S. Just realized I posted this in wrong folder...should be other interests and not computers LOL!!

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I was trying to get the Diamond Dust that was actually falling throw the air but couldn't get it. The dust looked like little diamond specs just glittering in front of my face...Hey, diamonds are my birthstone!! (Oops... yes my mind was going there wanting diamonds LOL!!)
Thanks everyone (and@Robke for moving my post where it should be)!![emoji847][emoji171][emoji300]️

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I was not aware of the existence of diamond dust before I moved to the Arctic. Now I love it when it happens. In the dark, it often creates light pillars above bright light sources (it only reflects lights vertically).

I don't have a photo of it myself but this one shows it quite well.



And happy new year everyone :)

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@BlueWolf ~ The photo is breathtaking oh my gosh!! The Arctic does have it's advantages with all kinds of beauty!! The Diamond Dust is so cool day or night...I learned about it from the news a few years ago. I saw it again today, but I can't get a good picture of that beautiful glitter in the air!!
Happy New Year!![emoji92][emoji300]️[emoji252]

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