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Newbie saying Hi.

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So pleased that you have updated, I’ve thought about Czar a few times. It all sounds really positive and the pair of you have developed a bond. I’d love to find a wide open space that Luna could run free in, after a very near miss with a field of sheep (which she couldn’t access thank goodness) I haven’t let her off leash which is sad as she needs more exercise. I’m sure the GSD will learn to trust especially if Czar isn’t responding with any aggression.

Norway sounds amazing I spent some months in Finland in the winter, I love snow.

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Hi Czar, I can’t get the video to play unfortunately.

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I am so sorry for bumping up this quiet thread, but I read the whole thing, and have many unanswered questions!

- so did Manny’s tail ever go up in a husky curl?

- you are no longer walking 18 miles a day until he poops?! I can not even understand how you were able to do that. I would die.

- did the air filter technology work?

- are your allergies worse during coat blow? Hmm I guess you have not had him long enough to be through more than one blow yet.


PS i think that Samoyeds do tend to have hypoallergenic coat? Which is maybe why you never felt allergic before. I feel like I read that somewhere...








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