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Secret Santa Likes/Dislikes


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OK, I have the semi-final list of everyone participating in the Secret Santa.  If there are any last minute people that want to join just let me know.  

So below is the list of who I have participating and where they prefer to exchange.  If everyone can post what their preferences are in regards to gifts. For example, if you would rather have a gift for yourself, your dogs, of if it doesn't matter.  If your dogs have any allergic reactions to things or if some toys are off limits please include that (i.e. no rawhide, no rope toys, grain free, etc.)


@robke Exchange anywhere

@Jo Exchange anywhere

@Aris Exchange anywhere

@DanUK Exchange anywhere

@jennjennc Exchange anywhere

@PaulG UK Only

@chelseafan UK Only

@Iffriku UK Only

@goingsolo UK Only

@wolfpup UK Only

@Huskys At Play US Only


and since there is an odd amount at the moment I will participate for the US Only.





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2 hours ago, Aris said:

What is Rawhide? I/ve been googling all evening and all I get for Rawhide is poster for some Western movie or something that have series :redface1:


they are a hard chew toy eitherolled pressed or stiched into the shapes of bones or balls etc

they are dangerous because they are cheap left other waste from the leather industry, some have been found to be TOXIC as hell as they were made in the far east from stored hides that had been treated with chemicals

they are also dangerous as dogs can chew off larges peices and choke on them or worse get a blockage as its not easy to digest see link below






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As above  for the dogs please  - no rawhide or squeaky toys     Also if at all possible can I have two of the same  -  my two 'angels' will both want the same thing  -  whatever it is - they automatically think whatever the other one has is better than theirs.  :rolleyes: 

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26 minutes ago, Shelley15 said:

For dog please like above no raw hide or squeaky toys  or tennis type ball as she destroys them. Plus loves rope toys. UK only  please.

I don't have you down on my list, so did you want to participate then?  If so, if you dont mind go ahead and post your name and that you want UK only on this thread so I can keep track.


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Hi guys, same trend for Ghostybum really - no rawhide. Everything else is fine, she loves squeaks and soft toys that look like animals the most... I would prefer not stuffed as it ends up being gutted [emoji28]

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