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Red spot and hair loss!!


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Hello there,


Two days ago I noticed red spot on my dog face and I thought he that he might hurt himself with something so not a big deal. However, the red spot is larger now and there is hair loss in the area! Well that makes me worry now.

Please guys if any of you have had this before or know anything about it I would love to hear it.


Here are some pictures of it..




And that's my boy



Thank you!




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Oh know. @BingBlaze n Skyla could be right. You could always give your baby a doggy multivitamin. It doesn't really look like a scrape and could be happening internally. I'd take your sweet baby to the Vet before it gets worse. Beautiful gorgeous baby you have there!![emoji171][emoji178][emoji252]


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Would putting sudocrem on make the fur grow back?



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It'll help with the redness and if it is zinc deficiency it will help with healing the skin so then the fur will grow back , I wouldn't say that'll help the fur but as it will help the skin then in a round about way yes


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