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Husky shepherd mix - hello :-)

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Ha ha yes, I visited the GSD forum and it seems ultraserious about Training. I see myself as more of an "average dog owner" :-) But I may visit there to learn how to do Tracking/Nosework...the K9

Of the 7 dogs we have currently, 4 are adopted Huskies, 1 is Husky x GSD, 1 is GSD and 1 foster is probably Husky x GSD. Only one of the Huskies ever barks at people/doorbell, rest of Huskies, GSD and

Ah ha ha, sorry,  I am a year late with photos! I did not check back on this thread, oops. Rumo ( that’s his name! ) is quite settled with us now. He is a quiet well-behaved furry guy and we love

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In a strange twist...er, Rumo is NOT a Shepsky! 

I was reading an article about the horrid dog meat market in Korea, and saw a photo of a dog that looked eerily like Rumo. It was named a “Korean Jindo”. When I searched on internet, I found a sea of dogs that look just him! Pinkish nose with dark spots, black fur wedge right under nose, tan ears, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, tail carried up in a sickle shape.

AND everything I thought was “ unique” about him as a mix, is a breed trait!?

- cleans himself like a cat and won’t lie on his dog bed if it’s dirty ( Jindo are fastidious)

- has never once pottied in house, and prefers to even not potty within our yard. ( yep, fastidious)

- one man dog

- quiet, but will bark and growl fiercely at strangers in our yard

- strong hunting/tracking drive and abilities

- not destructive - respectful of Home and belongngs ( I thought he had a strict former owner!)

- does not tend to be overly affectionate ( tends to not jump up on people, lick, cuddle, etc)...again, I thought his former owner was strict!

- we left door open by accident, and he did not run off. Amazing for a husky...but typical for a Jindo ( guardian dog)


HA HA HA HA, i now know so much about huskies and German shepherds, and I love them,

but apparently I ‘ rescued ‘ a dog who is neither of those breeds! I thought he was a unique mix...

but actually he is a rather cookie-cutter Jindo in looks and temperament.

And now I can’t be called “ shepsky “ anymore...! 




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Think DNA test may well resolve it (though they're not absolutely accurate and do depend on having what they hope are unique markers for each breed).

Now of one thing I'm absolutely certain and that's our Ice is definitely not anything other than Husky/GSD/Mal (owners claimed she's Huskamute but we reckon Husky/GSD). I say "our" but we only fostered her (emergency foster to get her spayed - and, of course, she immediately started her season! LOL!). Now gone onto her furever home where she's being trained as an Assistance Dog (and doing really well) but I can say that she met your temperament list: very clean, attached herself to me though not overly affectionate, barked at people she didn't know and totally non-destructive





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Thanks all...well, I consulted with a Jindo rescue and she kindly informed me that although a lot of his coloring and features match, he is just way too big!  Jindo males max out at 50 lbs usually. At 75 lbs, Rumo is firmly in GSD territory. And she said, his face structure is not quite right either. She voted for husky shepherd. 

the Embark DNA test is expensive..and.it doesn’t test for Asian hunting breeds...

so...I am sticking with shepsky!

He does look a lot like Ice. ☺️

 And I did read that some huskies clean themselves like cats ( Rumo keeps his paws snowy white) which explains his strange cleaning habits.

we are well here and enjoying the cool weather! At 36 degrees outside,  Rumo asked to go out and sprawled out for a long nap on the deck this afternoon. 


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