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Hey Everyone!

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Gosh, it's been awhile. Work has me traveling more these days. My employer split our department into two departments - one Training; the other Documentation. I was asked to head up Documentation. So I have to split my time between two locations - eastern Iowa and northern Kentucky.

Zoya still rules the roost. Her cruciate ligament surgery from a couple years back remains in good check. She recently had her ninth birthday. It's hard to believe that she is nine. She still runs a bit, but not like she used to. When she tore her cruciate ligament, she was running. I imagine she still remembers the pain from that day. She remains my baby girl. Her only chronic health issue is she is allergic to grass pollen. So from Spring through Fall, she is on allergy meds. 



Rohn will be three this coming Halloween. He is from the Trick-or-Treat Pack, as his breeder calls it. Rohn and Zoya came from the same kennel. Their breeder recently retired from breeding, though she still defends those dogs she has placed if their owners fail at their responsibilities. Rohn is a bit goofy. He won't walk on hard surface flooring - scares him to death. So we have runners for him. Once he makes it through the "gauntlet" he gives his triumphant howl. Rohn is the talkingest (I don't think that is a word) Husky. Whenever someone comes home, he howls for five to ten minutes, non-stop.



And then there is Good Luke, our rescue. Luke has been with us for about 14 months. He is first at getting up in the morning, first to finish his meals, first to be out the door, but last when it comes to settling in for the night. We had some tense moments early on. The snarling, gnashing of teeth, and a wee bit of blood here and there. Eventually, everyone learned their place, and Luke gets along great, especially with Rohn. Luke and Rohn spar quite a lot, but after a few minutes they go to their neutral corners. If we play a video off Facebook, from the rescue where Luke came from, and it has the voice of the woman who heads up the rescue, Luke takes notice. She worked with Luke and was probably the first person ever, to show Luke some attention.



Well, that should bring a few things up to date. I have often said, this forum is a special place. It still is. Feels like home. 

Have you Hugged your Husky today? Better get on that!

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Hello there Dave and  consorts...good to see you are doing well...

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Hi there Dave. Thanks for the update, great to hear all is well.

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