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Kennel HELP!


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Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting on here, but I really need some help..
My boyfriend and I recently rescued a 2 year old female husky from a rescue in fond du lac where we live. All we really know about her background is that she was from a bad breeder and was kenneled her entire life. We've had her about a month now, and we're really having some issues with her. I'm pretty sure from a lot of the research that I've done that she has separation anxiety. She defecates in the house while we're gone even though she's been let out an hour prior and is totally potty trained, she chews at door and windows and tries to escape anytime she is confined. She has now ripped the trim off of the door in the room that we've been keeping her in while we're gone. We tried putting her in a kennel this past weekend when we left for about an hour. She broke the latch on the metal kennel and escaped out the bottom. Now today we went and bought a plastic kennel that's a bit more study. We put her in it with toys and treats when we left for about an hour or so and when we came back she was still in there, thank goodness, but she had tried to bite her way out, was chewing on her paws to the point where they were soaked and almost bleeding (she's never done that before) and was shaking uncontrollably. She an angel when we're home, but once we leave she panics. I
If you have any tips for me that would be great or if you know someone in the area that would be helpful to us that would be great to know also. (I am located in fond du lac, wi)
Thank you for listening,
Abby Donigain
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Your poor baby , try leaving her for short periods of time like seconds , minutes n build it up , it'll take time but she will eventually learn you're coming back , wait til she's calm even if it's a second of quiet that's when u go back in , say nothing to her just open the crate n let her out n carry on your business , make your coming and going no big deal

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It will take time as the others have said. Particularly as she's from a background of kennelling. She simply may not have any positive experiences of it so far. Over time, building up time gradually will hopefully make things a little easier for her. I used to give Ice a chew every time he went in his crate as he wouldn't go in otherwise. He's highly food motivated so that appealed to his nature. Now I will give him a treat when he goes into his crate but it's just a little treat training one. He probably doesn't need it but I'm still in the habit of treating each of the dogs before we leave the house like I did in puppyhood. Trying to associate us leaving the house with good things rather than bad.

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Leave her in the kennel for short times while your home. And praise her when she doesn't chew or freak out.
Later do the same with the radio on. Talk radio or music. Leave the room for a bit and come check up. See if the noise tricks her in believing she's not alone.
That's the only thing I can suggest.

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