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A little hello from Mishka and I


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Hi everyone, I'm not sure if some of you remember me and Mishka but thought I'd pop in and say hello and give you a little update.

As some of you might remember, we moved to France a year and a half ago, Mishka absolutely adores the countryside, she is now 5 going on 6, and we will be celebrating her 5th gotcha day this summer.

She has really settled down as she as gotten older and we have completely gotten over her seperation anxiety, thanks to Dante the staffie. :)

Here are some recent photos

















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Welcome back frenchie
Glad your all settled in France well and loving the countryside.
I'm happy to hear you and Mishka has overcome the separation anxiety together xx

Love the three huskyteers [emoji252]

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Thank you very much! :)
It was something I didn't think we'd ever overcome, it was terrible when she first came to me, but it turns all she needed was the company of a confident dog when left alone.
If I had known that for the first couple years I had her, things would have been a lot simpler for us both. lol

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Far too freaking cute! I would love another staffy one day

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Thank you :) yes deffo can't help but love them!

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Lovely :angel:

Thank you! :)

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