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4-Week-Old Pups with Coccidia

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Hello all!

My family's husky Venus gave birth to a litter of 6 four weeks ago tomorrow. Last Friday, I noticed one of the pups was less active than usual, seeming a bit disoriented when she sat or stood up, and wouldn't eat. I took the whole litter to the vet on Saturday morning, and he diagnosed the lethargic one with coccidia. He told me that even though only one of them was symptomatic, the rest of the litter most likely had it as well and prescribed Albon solution for the litter. 

I've been giving the Albon to the pups every morning since Saturday, but the symptomatic one does not seem to be getting much better and she is significantly skinnier than her siblings. She drinks plenty of water, but she still doesn't have an appetite. Since they are only 4-weeks-old, the vet said there isn't a whole lot more I can do for them right now other than the antibiotic and making sure they keep hydrated. I know it takes more than just four days for coccidia to be completely eradicated, but I'm just completely beside myself waiting to see her symptoms subsiding.

Has anyone else dealt with coccidia in a puppy this young? Is there something else I could/should be doing?

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