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Marley is growing up

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Marley is now 6 weeks off his first birthday and last night I took some pictures of him as he was in a rare 'quiet' moment.    I have put up some photos of him as he was when I got him, at around 6 months old - and now.          

All of the pictures were taken with a flash  -  but his eyes never register it  -  and he has no problem running about in the dark or seeing things in the dark.

I can't wait for his undercoat to regrow  - he looks 'flat' somehow without a pillowcase full of undercoat now he has finally finished moulting.    The rough guard hairs are black on top but when the breeze catches them he is pure white underneath.



P1010359 (Copy).JPG

P1010497 (Copy).JPG

P1010506 (Copy).JPG




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Thanks Emma   -  he has a nature to match his looks.    He is the most loving dog I have ever had  -  I get at least 3 or 4 full body hugs a day.    Yes he is also naughty  -  but could you stay mad at that face for long???

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