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Teething issues

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Hi has anybody had any issues with retained teeth. Moonshines been teething for a few weeks now and has most of his adult teeth in . Couple left to come out. But today ive noticed his k9 tooth is poking through next to his puppy tooth.. will this be a vet visit or do you think puppy tooth with fall out as it looks like its changing colour? Thanks for your help


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Definitely don't leave it as my son had this problem. His canine ended up coming through in front of his front tooth instead of beside it. He's got braces now to try and drag it over into its correct position.

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After the vet checked his tooth and says just to leave it and it should come out. If not to go back. Day after the tooth is wobbly thank god..

The scary thing was he went in about his tooth and the vet was mostly talking about castration.

Remind me never to go to the dentists lol

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