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Ezydog chest plate harness

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I have been using this harness for a bit now and its been great up until now. We were caught in a downpour the other day and it looks like the dye has come out and dyed his chest and neck.. has anybody else had this issue.. its a great harness other than this


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Bear had an ezydog harness when she was a pup and it was ok for a short time but then wasn't much good. We ended up buying a new harness.

Ice has had an ezydog collar for a couple of years and we haven't had and problems with that though. (Touch wood). However we don't walk him on the collar so there's never really any pressure on it.

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I've got a Julius K9 and it's great, I love the handle on it it's great for when we are going down narrow lanes because I've got control over him when cars are going past. indi dog does a clip that goes from the harness to the collar so even if they did manage to get out of the harness they would still be attached by the collar :)

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Hooner's H harness also has a clip from shoulder 'D' ring to go to a spare collar. I also have a neckline from collar to lead, which is on the Dogmatic.
Yep.. paranoid on losing my woofs.. the Hooner Harnesses are used more now for walking out on canibelt with carabiners (including a Grivel Swivel), a med/strong bungee and ROK leads - although I've just bought two adjustable leads which will give me a bit longer length. I love the police handles for hauling in close-to control.
My Hooner harnesses dbl up for a change in rig running although I now have DC ZERO too.
I can switch onto 'pull' mode fm Dogmatic to Hooner harness so they can pull me up a steep bank lol. And boy do they haul my ass up! Fab teamwork when I say - hup hup!

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