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Marley would demolish it before I had a chance to zip him up in it  -  yet alone tried to take him out in public  -  he would die of shame.   I have seen two of those strollers though out in the street  -  the man pushing one really got some strange looks - his medium sized dog was really freaked out and you could tell he wanted out  -  the way he was bouncing around you could tell there was nothing wrong with him so I couldn't understand why they had one.

Never seen the sense in them myself   -  but then again I am old as well as old fashioned, - and I know they are big over in the States .......................... but surely the idea of taking a dog for a walk is so that the DOG gets the exercise.

I can see a lot of sense in them however if the dog is injured and exercise must be curtailed for a few weeks.

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What's the point in having a dog if you are just going to stick it in a pushchair! Rediculas. If the dog is so old it cannot walk, questions have to be raised about its quality of life instead of sticking it in a pushchair

No offence [emoji6]

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 Even they get too old to walk, or have difficulties to move around, I'd like to take them outside and let them see and smell and give them a good time.

These strollers are one of the ways you can do it.

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