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Jumping up on counters when we aren't within sight


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Hi guys.

So, not a husky, I know. But I know you guys have lots of experience with counter surfing huskies. 

Well, Daisy (9 month old black lab) does the same thing...except when we're not looking. She's sneaky about it, and we haven't been able to catch her in the act, we've only seen her jump off the counter when we come in the room...and we can't scold her for that right? I was wondering if there is anything we can do that'll curb this behaviour?

Will bitter apple spray help at all, maybe spray it on the edges of the counter?

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I think the only way you are going to curb that is to catch her in the act.  They have devices that are meant to deter animals from certain areas.  Its pretty much a motion sensor attached to an air can.  It sprays a puff of air that will scare them.  Maybe that would work?

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Have a look at these vids, it's been helpful for me! Also you need to control her environment when not in the kitchen with her, have baby gates or something to block her from being in the kitchen when you are not there. Mine are learning the kitchen (the whole room) is off limits! They are not allowed past the doorway ;)


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