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Decided I needed a new desk. Problem with my old one was that it looked a bit worn and we are trying to get the house into a sellable state, so I moved to a small desk. When you work from home every day though, a small desk is not exactly comfortable, so have had one custom built into the corner :)



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If it were anyone else but Sarah i'd tell you to send them out the front door and tell them they'll just have to go round the back and get to the kitchen through the back. But I fear for your safety if you suggest this. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji85]

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Looks really cool! Keep up the good work! We also decided to start a renovation and made a custom kitchen together with kitchensearch/ and now we are thinking about making a small summer house where we could work and relax (we were completely transferred to a remote work and we were tired of staying at home all the time). I'll take your idea to try and do something like that in the summer office!

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1 minute ago, robke said:

Nice monitor really want one of those instead of 2 screens…

Thats why I  bought it. There is an advantage to having multiple screens instead, but for the most part, this is better lol

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