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my husky is almost 4 years old now and we have been having some serious issues with him marking in our house recently. my husband also thinks that he has respect issues towards me because it only happens when i am home. for example when i went to take a shower today, my husband came home for his lunch break and noticed that dan had marked in 2 places. he is also really bad about getting in my face and panting and whining at me. i always take it as he needs to go outside and potty, but recently he will do it right after i bring him inside so I'm thinking something else is bothering him and i don't know what it could be. i work part time and i am home with him a lot, he gets tons of attention and is spoiled rotten, i take him to the dog park a few times a week to get him exercise and to play with other dogs. my husband and i are just worried because we have a baby on the way and i am afraid we won't be able to give dan the attention that he needs. has anyone dealt with this sort of behavior before or does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it? any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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