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My Husky's acting odd!


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My 4 year old Husky, Saria, began acting odd a few days ago. She began by whimpering often and wanting attention more than usual. She also would hide under the bed for no apparent reason- she only goes there when she has a toy or treat that she didn't want any of our dogs to get. I thought she was behaving that way because I haven't been able to walk her lately or take her outside to play. So I bought toys, took her out for a walk to see if that would resolve it. I noticed she was more upbeat with a new toy, and I was happy to see that improvement. As of a few minutes ago, her behavior completely shifted. She began whimpering even more, and would grab a bigger squeaky toy and whimper while it is in her mouth. Her tail is also down which is something I haven't ever seen in her. Everywhere I allow her to go, she takes her toy and begins whimpering again. She is not in any physical pain (which is why I haven't taken her to a vet) and maybe think she's going to be in heat soon. I also was rubbing her belly yesterday and accidentally squeezed her nipple to find a good amount of white liquid/ milk (?). I've read about false pregnancies among dogs and it seems like she could possibly be going through something similar.


Anyone has been through this situation and would be able to provide any help? :( She isn't pregnant (not spayed though) and I don't know what could've triggered this. 

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Another member was going through this a few days ago and I was trying to find some info online with any tips to help them through it. Unfortunately the only advise was to prevent them from licking their nipples to help reduce the amount of milk supplied and that in the future spaying should help to prevent it happening again. Not very much info in other words.

Like Nix said, I think all you can really do is wait it out. The length of time it will last varies between lady dogs but seems to measured in units of weeks. Not much fun for anyone in the mean time.

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It was my Nymeria that was sick and then had  the false pregnancy... She had pyometra and was spayed. Two days later she had her 'pup' and I have to say it was a bit of a nightmare. Reading online it said that you would not spay a dog if she is having a false pregnancy because it can make it worse. 

The good news is that it only lasted 6 days and then the 'pup' turned back into her fav toy and she was wanting to fight for it again. She was very distressed at first and I just made her a nice area for her pup.. she really acted like it was real and I had to bring her food. She would run out and go to the toilet and straight back in. It is a really old teddy that I bought her the day I got her so about 2 and a half years ago and is missing a leg and the inside of its head... she would just sit gazing at it and licking it and pushing it against her trying to nurse it! I just made her comfortable and made sure that the two other dogs didn't go into the room where she was with the pup and let her be. 

Some things I read said that you should take away the toy as it can prolong it but I was not willing to do that and I am glad I just let her be. 

You should get her checked in the vet though... Pyometra is very dangerous and false pregnancy and pyometra can be related I think. 

Hope your girl gets better soon :-)


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