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hip dysplacia


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This is not about my Siberian Ava but my other girl, Nana -yesterday I took her to a specialist since her walking has been wiggling.

She had a right knee surgery last May and been on physical therapy since. and on anti-inflammatory med for the last 3 years.

Her right knee is back on shape now but her therapist noticed that Nana's let leg wobbles and loss of muscle.

After the x-rays, the result was because of her hip and a surgical treatment is the only choice for her -I knew this would happen in anytime but I'm just so shocked and scared.

Nana will be able to run with Ava again after the surgery though, I just feel so sorry and bad for her -two surgeries within a year. And now she is banned from getting up on the couch and she is confused where to sit. I'm sorry this is a depressing post.










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Thank you very much guys, you cheer me up !  Today I took her to her regular vet and he encouraged me, too. One of the things I worry about is her age -she'll be 8 this April. The Vet says Nana's heart is in a good condition and he also says that he doesn't believe so-called ' life span ' .  I'm so glad that I posted this here- thanks again !

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