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New baby - maybe is a husky!


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Hi all. We had some really bad flooding here and this past Monday I adopted a wayward little traveler. We named him Scout. He is very vocal and so fuzzy! To be honest we aren't sure what he is and everyone has a different idea. The more I looked at his color though the more I thought he might be a gold colored husky.  What do you all think husky experts? 

I'm not sure why it rotates my pictures the way it is. 

Hes doing so well with his potty training and with the commands were working on. :)

Also so regardles of breed do you think he might have perky ears? I hope so - but he'd be cute either way! image.thumb.jpg.d7478cd9c847beda5d53e15c





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Awww, he's gorgeous! Welcome to the forum. :)

It's a bit early for me to guess the breed but possibly he has some percentage of husky or even Japanese Akita in him. He's gorgeous either way of course!

Some breeds start off with floppy ears that prick up as they get older. Personally I think those floppy ears are adorable!

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This is a Japanese Akita. The colouring and shapes are somewhat similar you think?


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He does look kinda Akita-y too! What a mystery! 

Me sure is mad at me for bathing him! But he has a peanut butter kong as a reward. He goes to the vet Monday so I'll see what they might think! It's such a fun mystery!

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I'd be thinking a Siberian x some breed of retriever. Akita looks pretty unlikely. The "gold" is just a light red. In Siberians having the black pigment would mean you have a sable. But shes clearly not a sable. I wouldn't take a serious guess until shes an adult.


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