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Tsunami swimming in the Lagoon


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Since we've had temp of mid 30°C here all week (and 39°C expected tomorrow) took Tsunami (and the visiting family members) to the Lagoon today for a swim to cool off. Smokey couldn't go because she's been in season (luckily due for spay end Jan)

Tsunami loves the water and he's a natural swimmer! Took him there since he was 4 months old and he now goes totally crazy soon as he realises where the car stopped! 








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8 minutes ago, mydiamond said:

Aaww love it when they get to swim! :D 

Yeah he loves swimming! He just thought I was mean to let him swim back upstream...burns more energy like that, he was sleeping like a baby whole ride back and whole afternoon, only got up at 5pm to whine for potty & dinner! It helps to keep him exausted from swimming whole morning during the heatwave :D

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We've got huskies in the snow and Huskies at the beach this really is a worldwide community

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