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Hi we have a very sweet husky but in the past week she has become a real escape artist. I need a harness that she can not remove, she has escaped from her collar and got out put a harness on and she rubbed on the tree until it fell off. I am kind of at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sid owns Indi dog and you can email her on the official site or find her page on Facebook. It might be quicker for you as she's a busy lady and doesn't always have the time to scroll through the forum daily.

Like Rob said, the Houdini harness might be the one for you but Sid will sort you out with what's right for your needs. Ask about the husky owners discount (members get 10% discount on orders). Xx

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Hi @khondow18 :) 

I would recommend the Houdini Ultra for your girl, it is pretty much impossible to escape from! It has an extra belly strap which sits around their belly rather than their chest, so they cannot back out of it :)

This can be ordered here :) http://indi-dog.co.uk/25mm-dog-harness?product_id=96 


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