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My wife and I took a trip up to the Canadian Rockies last week...no real wolf sightings in the wild (not unusual given that each pack requires about 1,000 acres of land per individual wolf) but we did visit an amazing wolf dog sanctuary, Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary on the way from Calgary to Banff.  We took a very informative tour through a couple of wolfdog enclosures ...one with high content wolfdogs and another with lower content wolfdogs.  The photos below are from the high content pack...truly amazing and majestic creatures...their habits and pack behavior is definitely wolf-like, not dog-like.  They did come up to us to take treats and get a few pets but they certainly are not creatures you would want to own unless you have serious land and serious time to devote to them and know what you are doing.  Sadly...ownership of them in a 20th floor apartment in Calgary is not illegal so these guys are often abandoned or worse once it becomes clear to the novice owner that the idea of them as 'dogs' in the domesticated sense is a complete falsehood.  The Sanctuary has like 169 acres and like 8 enclosures.  Not a rescue in the true sense of the definition that they take in and move on any rescued wolfdog but all their pack were rescued and fixed.  In total I think they had about a dozen high content wolfdogs and about a half-dozen lower content wolfdogs along with their resident malamute, GSD and an adorable coydog puppy named Rango.

Great experience and if any of you ever take a trip to Alberta or are nearby another wolf or wolfdog sanctuary I highly recommend visiting and also donating money.  It is an unforgettable experience.






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Amazing pics.  Not something the average person should consider bringing into their home environment, that's for sure.

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