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escape proof harness???help needed


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hi guys 

new user here really need some help/advice/recommendations from experience husky owners

so i just got home from work for my boyfriend to tell me penny slipped her harness :(apparently she laid on the ground popped her shoulders in and just wiggled out of it.she refused to come back, refused to sit or obey any of the commands we have taught her, just got a wild look in her eye and ran off into a housing estate .oh and btw she was running in the road!! chasing cars which was terrifying for my bf. luckily he managed to catch her before anything bad happened but i worry next time we wont be so lucky. 

at the moment she wears an ezy dog quick fit harness she did escape from it once before when she was little but i think that's because it was to loose. collars are pretty useless she just pulls them off 

she is a husky x shepherd 3 years old 

any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated :) 

(sorry if this is long winded/ doesn't make sense/ posted in the wrong section)


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You can also buy leads with two clips, one to attach to the collar the second to attach to the harness, that way if one fails you have the second as back up.

That is what I do with at small lead between the 2.


was going to mention the Houdini harness from Indi dog as well...

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Hi I too have the Ezy-Dog harness

and Yes my boy Darwin shimmied out of his too.

But then he's got out of EVERY harness we've bought for him :banghead:

So we now use the lead doubler method.

first you need a police lead


you can get these from Indi-Dog too, superb quality (link is on the forum main page)

then you need the doubler


Clip one end of the doubler to the collar, thread the doubler through the handle of the harness to the police lead and clip to one of the lower rings 

Clip the police lead to the big D ring on the Ezy-Dog harness as normal, and you're done

Now when he shimmies out of the harness he's still connected via the collar to the police lead.

this gives you time to stop and get him back into the harness.

My boy Darwin used to escape ALL the time.

He hasn't got away from this set up in two years.


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that's interesting i hadn't thought of doubling up her lead before.

however she can escape from collars unless they are super tight part of the reason why we use a harness..... she's just an escape artist in general i think! but it would give us the time to get her back in the harness before she runs off.

had a look at the sasdogequipment tracking harness with the extra belly strap (so three straps) so she cant pop her shoulders in and wriggle out and it looks like the best option.I have been asking around and found that many people with huskys have struggled with the ezydog harness so its probably the wrong harness for her.

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SASS or Julius K9 (with Y front) for harnesses. But I'd thoroughly recommend a safety between harness and collar - we make and supply chains and webbing safeties for all our headcollars and leads (leads have an extra D ring to take a safety to collar, so dog is double attached to a lead) - or double lead your dog (we do that with all of ours near roads, etc). Obviously, you'd need to tighten the collar - if a dog can slip a tightened collar, it's not tight enough!

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I use the Ezy Dog quick fit harness everyday, but after this thread I don't think we will be using it anymore. :o

I have the same issue as well, except instead of harnesses, my dog loves to slip her collar. I tried literally everything until I met a guy with his two huskies, and he told me to try the No-Slip collar. His dogs were also escape artists and since he started using that collar, not one escape and he actually walks his dogs with those collars alone! 

Best part is the collar is about 8 bucks, so it's affordable and I can gladly say I love it. She can't even chew through it, and I actually use this for our daily walks, which is a bonus in my eyes. But it could be used for identification only if you're worried about her getting her collar off again. Or! If you have a dog coupler, attach one end to the No-Slip collar (or collar of your choice) and attach the other end to the harness you plan on choosing. That way if something goes wrong, you are still attached! I was always taught to double leash escape artist dogs, and a coupler is one way of doing that. 

This is the brand me and that guy use. (:


Best of luck to you!


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