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My husky seems too skinny


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How much does she weigh and have you got any pictures to show us?  Helpful angles are from above and the side. 

Huskies are supposed to be lean dogs and puppies particularly will look very skinny until they grow out of their teenage stage.  Typically they won't start to fill out until sometimes after their first birthday. 

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She looks pretty normal for a puppy.  We've had two pups from the same breeder about seven years apart. One was a little husky Husky and the other was a bit thin Husky.  They can be different as night and day.  You do need to have her checked over by a vet as soon as you reasonably can. Also you will want to make sure her vaccinations are up to date.

What food is she on right now?  A good quality puppy food will help ensure she gets the nutrients she needs.  Our last pup, Rohn, is ten months this month, is on NutriSource Puppy Food.  He is getting three cups per day, and he is on the lean side.  Huskies normally fill out between 12 to 24 months.  It's preferable to be a bit lean as opposed to a bit bulky.

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Im not sure how much she weighs im planning to take her to the vet soon. But thank you for that useful information. I didnt know it was normal for puppies to be lean. 

image.jpgShe weighs 6.6 lbs and the vet said shes doing just fine :)


I put my husky outside for the first time but im not sure if its a good idea or not. Someone told me she could get worms or parasites. But i dont want her to be lonely inside the house when im at work so i put her outside to play with my other dog. Any inputs? Shes only 8 weeks

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