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Middle of the night shennanigans


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Picture the scene. You're tucked up all warm and cosy in bed.  It's dark, it's peaceful, and you're fast asleep dreaming about fluffy clouds and riding on unicorns..............suddenly you're jolted awake by a loud siren.  You're still half asleep and can't work out what this siren in your house is telling you.   Is there a fire?  A burglar?  WWIII has started?  No.  It's Ice under my bed howling his head off for an unknown reason and apparently he can't stop.  

Very unusual as Ice doesn't really howl.  The only times he does is when he's either asleep or When Bear has gone out without him. The howling lasted for a few minutes and then he got up, walked around for a bit then came back to bed to sleep.  Must have had a strange dream, Paul said he's reliving the moment he got neutered, lol.  Funnily enough that was the first time he howled!  :D 

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awwww poor Ice, Darwin however just chooses 03.30am to run out into the garden and start wooing and barking for Echo to come and play in the pitch dark.

Dumbass dog !!!!

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