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Nova is getting a puppy brother!


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Nova my little 10 month old husky is getting a baby brother, in fact, it is her own half-brother. I am looking for any kind of advice on how to introduce the two. If anyone has any fun stories or advice about two dogs, I am open ears. 

We get the little man on July 11th, he will be 8 weeks on that day!

thank you in advance!

-Nova's Momma

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I mentioned this on another thread but I'll say it here too. When you first bring them home it's a good idea to remove the food bowls, treats and toys from out of reach to help avoid fights over ownership of them.

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Well having brought two pups into the house with two established Crazies Bella and Noah it didn't go to badly. Howler came first and we had an additional woof Asher there who was staying for the night.  Well Howler was welcomed although Uncle Grumps Noah was a bit peeved.  Then came Lucky and this time we were a little better prepared.  We sent one of my daughters t shirts up which we had put in Bella's basket rubbed over Noah etc for a couple of days.  All went well, apart from Uncle grumps Noah decided he would camp out in the garden a much as possible.  Howler and Lucky are brothers.

They have so much fun together and its great watching them all run around together.  There is a special bond between them all.

How ever I would say keep an eye on them and supervise them until you are happy that they have become comfortable with each other,  remain calm and get a water pistol. 

We tried to rescue a GSD Bitch called Izzy but that did not go well, Bella was not happy about having another lady in the house.  She accepted the puppies and was a totally different dog with them, almost motherly!!!

Good Luck and post the new pup pics. :D

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