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How Do You Exercise Your Puppies?


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My puppies Buddy and Sulley just came home with me last weekend.
They are absolutely energetic and wanting to play all the time.
However I have to work 8 hours during the day, and I lock them in a 5’x7’ kennel(about 1.5x2m) and place water, food and some chew toy, and of course, puppy pad in there. And I also hired a dog sitter to check on them during the noon.
However, its really not enough for them, every time i come home they tore the puppy pad and make a huge mess. I really wanna take them outside but they still need to finish their vaccinations.

How do you guys exercise or socialize your Siberian when he/she was a puppy?

Thank you very much, and here are some photos:)








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First of all, they are adorable!!!  And welcome to the forum!


When mine was a pup, I would do a 30 minute walk in the morning, and then I would crate him from 8-12 at work.  I would not use a puppy pad, and make sure the crate is just big enough for them to turn around, not too big, they usualy will not want to go where they sleep.  Then they would have a break between 12-1, and back in the crate until 4 or 5, and then another walk at night


You could also do training exercises, or play indoors until they are vaccinated.  I have, however raising 2 at the same age is pretty difficult!

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Until they've had all their jabs done it can be pretty tough.  Do you have a garden they can play in?  Inside your house you can do some mental play with them, teaching them new tricks and playing with toys to help occupy their minds for a while. 

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Thanks Jay and Emma.
 I want to strat crating them, but even when now i put them in the kennel, they make a lot noise which makes my neighbors arent happy. Even when Im home I discovered the created a huge mess with their own waste.
Its very stressful to clean up ...
I get it, cuz they are in the new place.
would a smaller crate makes it better? Im concerned they would scream louder if i lock them up again.
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Toilet training can take a while and puppies cannot hold their bladder as long as adults so need to go more regularly.

Some people put up a divider in the crate to section it off if it is too big. They need enough room to be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.

Also if they are new to crate training they can make some noise and even go to the toilet in there out of stress.

It is hard but they should get used to it in the end. Can try feeding them in there, giving treats when they go in, placing a blanket over the top of the crate to create a den like appearance, leaving something with your scent on like a worn tshirt, putting on a little background noise. Not loud enough to annoy your neighbours though it's just something to stop the house being completely silent.

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