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Wanted Walking Belt

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Hi I am thinking about trying my dogs on a walking belt but seeing as this will be a new test

item I was wondering if anyone has an old one around they no longer use that could need a new home.

Do not know how well this will work as the two boys have to see who can pee on the most items so

they stop start all the time. I have been stood at a lamp post for ages whilst the pair take turns.

The girl and boy mix might work best.

If you don't have any could you point me at a good starter one that works but isn't over priced as

like everything you get what you pay for. I just want a good item without paying the extra for the

Brand Name

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I got mine @ http://www.whitepineoutfitters.com/ it was only $40.  Great quality and I couldn't live w/o it.  They each have their own leash that I clip on the belt.  Anytime we walk or stand at the door to go outside, they have  their side.  So Aspen is on my left and Tuff on my right.  This helped alot with them not crossing while walking.  Hope this helps.

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I got mine from indi dog, I'm very happy with it and it makes walking 2 dogs much easier.  They have a lead each and I clip them onto a carabena which is attached to my belt. I'm not a very big person, I weigh 58kg, my Mal and husky together weigh 70kg and I can walk them with out too much trouble, unless of course they see a hare and then I have to sit down :)

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LOve my belt and I have boy and girl and still have the stop start peeing..Bindi pees Alpha has to pee on the same spot and the otherway round...LOLOL


there are some good ones on ebay (where i got my reserve one from) for only about gbp 15.-

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I got mine from Indi-Dog and have had it for about 3 years now and it's still like new!  Takes all 3 of my strong boys as well :)

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