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Look Who Is Home!! :)


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The swabs came back as sterile inflamations. It seems the antibiotics he was on have cleared up the infection that dissolved the bones in his feet .... hopefully we will see some bone growth there in the future. For now he is on pain killers for a bit longer but doesn't have to go back. ..... so relieved :) :)

sent via husky howls

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sadly following on from Sherlocks battle these last few months, on Monday 26th October I made the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep :(

He couldn't grip with 3 of his 4 feet and kept falling from his perch.  He had been on medication daily for months and I was having to force feed him all the time - it just wasn't right any more and he was unhappy.

The vet administered the injection and then gave him to me so I could hold him as he drifted off.  It was absolutely awful!  He went from being a bright vibrant colour to being almost black within less than 30 seconds, I literally watched his  life leave him.  He was still warm but limp in my hand and I held him close to me and kissed him goodbye.

I'm heart broken.  He wasn't a dog and had a different personality to any animal i've ever owned, but that was the hardest thing i've had to do in a very very long time.

I came home to his vivarium all lit up with his fountain still going and broke down again, I then spent 2 hours dismantelling it all and threw everything away.  The hard part was turning off his lights - boy that got me :(

Here's my guy just before I took him out of his viv for the last journey. 




RIP Sherlock xx

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Goodbye Sherlock.  :( 

sending hugs your way, it's so blooming hard taking them on that final journey.  I went nuts when I had to have my Willow pts.  (Cat).  Just wasn't expecting the suddenness of it all and it sent me doo-lally.     So very, excruciatingly hard.  You tried everything to give him a chance to recover, he was lucky to have you as his mum.    Xxx

:grouphug:   :grouphug:  

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R.I.P Sherlock.   It was a long hard battle and your mum fought to make you better every step of the way.  Unfortunately some battles can not be won and we have to say our good byes.  Sarah If you love something no matter what,  having to let go is never easy and the heartache is not deminished just because they are not a dog or a human.  Hugs from us all. Take care X

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