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What Has Society Come To


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 I am sorry if this offends some people but I just have to get this off my chest. This morning on the news a local couple pulled off the highway got out with there 1 year old Siberian husky proceeded to slam its head off a guardrail and sped off leaving the dog on the side of the interstate and with snow falling the dog met its fate by a snow plow. I have worked for almost 25 years in the correctional field and have worked next to the worst of the worse in the state of Pennsylvania and Florida. What drives people to be so hateful. There was a shelter less than two miles from were this beautiful creature was left to die. I cant even imagine what that poor creature went through in its last minutes of life. It saddens me to see society act in such a barbaric way with such little respect for life  and to call themselves pet owners is just sick. It was a beautiful female who appeared to be full of life. They were able to obtain a license plate number and are hoping they can retrieve a micro chip but stated they were not sure they could just go off the plates which I find hard to believe if it was a drive by or another crime I guarantee if it was my plates they would be banging down my door by now. I just sit here looking at my 5 month old and thank god she has the love and caring home she deserves and needs. And thank god for bringing her into our lives she is our heart and soul

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That is absolutely disgusting.  How can people do such a thing.   There are no words for people or what I would like to happen to them that I can say on here.  All I hope is one day Karma comes to visit.


It just makes you want to hold your dogs closer and pray they always stay safe and away from people like that.


I read to day someone was going to give their 5 month pup if it doesn't start behaving.  They tether her cause she is destructive and still messes the house.  And they wonder why.  Had to refrain from posting a comment.

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Makes me both angry and sad.  All I can say is that poor girl is in a better place now, away from that dispicable pair!


I really hope the owners are found, no punishment will be enough for what they have done.  Life tends to have a way of getting back at you, karma, so I just hope they know what's its like one day to feel, pain, abandoned and scared.


RIP little one X

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