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Wish Me Luck :(


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Well we were back at the vets today - really can't rate that vet enough he is fab!


anyway he thinks there is a small improvement compared to last week so am to continue with the anitbiotics and anti inflamatories for 2 more weeks - we go back on 10th April at 11am 


He said if I wanted an x ray they could do it but he doesn't think its necessary at the moment as he has improved, even if only marginally so rather than causing him more stress we decided to leave it for now as he believes the meds are the best course of action at the moment



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Mini update.......I can't see much improvement on the swelling although his toes aren't as swollen as they were.


His grip is really back now though - ouch


Chameleon's don't like being handled too often so yeah getting him out is now a military operation - i still have all my fingers for the moment though!!!  He hasn't eaten for a week now though :(  I think this is down to the stress of me having to get him out every day and syringe meds and water into him :( :(  Poor guy - I am now force feeding him but squishing his bugs and putting them into his mouth ew ew ew ew


Huskies are so much easier to look after!!! 

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Awwww poor Sherlock.  How long has he got to have the Meds for. 


Ewwwww squishing bugs,  That's love for you. :D


Get well soon Sherlock. X


Thankfully today he's eaten on  his own - PHEW!!!!


Back at the vets Friday at 11am for an update - he is still on the meds though and could be for another month or so which then causes an issue as we're at camp for a week and i can't ask my neighbour who normally looks after them whilst we're away to give him his meds, i may have to find a reptile boarding place 

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