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What Do You Do With Your Dogs When You Go Away?


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I could probably figure something out but I dont have any need or desire to leave town for an extended time. I live with someone so if I had to go by myself I would be able to.

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My post was meant to be suggesting you could dog-sit for each other as you are both in the same state. 

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Ours come with us, even the foster dogs we have in at the time! lol If it is 1 overnight stay, my son at home will assume responsibility, although I think the roles are reversed & they look after HIM!  :lol:  We also provide holiday cover for local husky owners, i.e. take their huskies in to our home while they go away. We recently had a friends husky stay for 2 weeks over Christmas while the family went abroad, another friend last year went away & we had their 2 huskies for 10 days. We love having holidaying huskies to stay  :D

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We take our with us, our holidays abroad are over for a while, lol. We rent a dog friendly house instead, and yes I do say what dogs I have up front, I've had a few say no, and a few have asked if they can come visit lol. One lady was more worried about my teenagers than my dogs.

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I'm in the UK. Near J9 M5.

When we go to visit Dave's folks/family it's a long long day to Hainault, (Mum, stepdad; & sister/s both not far). Then off to Colchester! Then home. 400+ miles.

My folks gone '99 & 2010; only the one sister nearby for whom we have LPOA. My sons & partners live close-(ish) 2m and 20 - both in work locally. They can pop in but not stay.

Chester always came with us and after Sep & Eski joined us, I was worried she'd not travel well; she came by car from Swansea and wasn't very happy but, she rarely travelled anywhere except to her local vet when necessary.

She was good first time altho' hardly settled preferring to stand with nose to window gap (from back of estate car.)

We stop at least twice both ways - as much for them as for ourselves and they are really good.

Chester lies down on Lge bed provided, most of the way. On the third long haul, Eski did too.

I have a fab friend who will house, dog & cat sit. She knows HuskyxMalamutes well - & looked after our three Westies, Chester, (as a pup and 8 mths old) and cat before for a week.

I got Chester from her daughter whose pair had a litter of nine.

My friend is now re-settled in town & moved in with a partner; I hope she will still be able to stand by for me; I really hope to visit my brother in Miami this year. He's always come to the UK every 3-4 years...We've never had enough £££ to go further than Spain or similar...on special low deals incl self catering.

Home improvements to finalise first after ten years! - (IVA - 7/8 years - ended 2014) ... then the £-flow ups ? yay!

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My solution with a pack - ie 3+++ - invest in large modified van with crates and pop-up trailer and go camping! Just ask for a perimeter pitch site! Yes you're limited to no fly-away deals but hey...it's a big old country we have (UK & USA or anywhere) & why not get dog passports? The EU has some advantages now. Driving isn't an issue and I reckon with careful planning & research - anywhere is possible, depending on your personal living style, mobility/ability and ... keeping things simple!

I would (go abroad - drive) but doubt hubby would altho' we nearly went to Ireland to a dog friendly rented cottage last Nov....

Son moved into new flat and asked for a fridge freezer. Darn. ?

I'm def saying "no" next time - they're both in f/t work with one f/t working partner the other a Diploma student nurse... (he's never asked for anything)...her folks are extremely ££££ok.

So...more us-time again!!

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I also used to have up to eight or nine Westies when my homed pups came to us for holidays. I charged a £5 a day or £30 for the week. My pups never left till 12/14 weeks old and had been through house training from the start. They all knew bed sit wait out(side) or out(of room) leave and down.

Refreshing these rules never took long - the permanent residents showed them fast and (their) Mum was always strict but fair.

Owners always rang up afterwards to say "Thank you for the training :

'she/he's so well behaved!'" Happy days.


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Well, I'd have normally said that we always take our 5 with us...........


We love having holidaying huskies to stay  :D


But now we're planning on a 6 month holiday....... somewhere warm I think  :wave:

Edit: (I'm thinking she'll never notice the weird one who looks like a GSD - smuggle her under my coat and then Voooom! Gone!)

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