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Bi And Parti Eyes


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496e9fef176d73bc1f6bf75faf1acf97.jpg this was nanook at 8 weeks when we picked him up his dad had blue eyes looked the double of demon from snow dogs and his mum was grey very wolf like and she had one brown one blue


This is him now 5 months on his first beach walk ☺

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This was a bit clear of his eyes and his goofy face

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I think Shadow is going to keep his parti eye, he's 13 weeks old today, but that's still subject to change. 

The first pic he is at 6 weeks (I thought he was going to be bi-eyed at that point)

And 12 weeks, I don't think the flash was on either picture (the 6 week was at my breeders home) 

Both of his parents had ice blue eyes (bottom two pics) 







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Mine has half blue on both eyes and half light brown in both eyes so half and half in each eye. My other dog she has 2 blue eyes and one eye has a brown spot on it. I heard this are rare dogs and I seen a husky that is from the same parents who gave a white puppy with green eyes.. I wonder why does this parents give weird genetics from same litter... 

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Bi eyes (one of each) and parti eyes (2 colours on the same eye) are surprisingly more common than you'd think in a husky.  

I've heard that dog DNA is more complex than a humans but how valid that it is I'm not sure.   

Considering that the brown alleles that form the gene are dominant over the blue ones,  to have both parents with blue genes produce a pup with brown eyes is interesting.  As far as I learnt back at school.... Blue being the recessive allele would only show up as the eye colour if both alleles that form the gene were blue (homozygous genes).    therefore seeing as both parents were blue eyed.......where did that brown allele come from?  Got me stumped, that's for sure! 

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(So no idea if the images are laid out correctly [emoji23])

Bandit as a puppy (blue eyes was obviously blue as a puppy, other seemed green-ish as a puppy but is now brown with blue in the bottom??)

Bandit now (parti-eyed)

Bandit with flash

Bandit's mum (left- grey with two blue eyes) and dad (right- black with two blue eyes)

Bandit's sister now (two blue eyes)

Bandit's other sister now (two blue eyes)

Bandit's brother now (two brown eyes)

Bandit's other brother now (two brown eyes)

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My husky has a father with one grey eye one blue eye. My husky has light blue eyes and we just had a litter of pitsky puppies! One has one blue eye one grey eye like his gpa and the girl has one green eye and one half green half blue eye (parti-eye)! They are beautiful puppies we are thankful for them! 




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