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Husky Owners Keyrings For Sale


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Hey everyone! Rich and myself have designed a husky owners keyring. We have only made one so far but if anyone would like to buy any, we will get more made and we will donate some money from the sale of the keyrings to the forum. We thought it would be cool to help the forum out a bit and also, we figured you guys might appreciate the keyrings. :-) They are made from brushed stainless steel, so they will last forever and will never rust. We thought we would post on the forum and see if there was any interest in them, before we make any more. They will be £5 each and shipping costs would be as follows:

Uk: 65p

Europe: £2.45

USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and the rest of world: £3.60

Here is the keyring let us know your thoughts :-)

Lou & Rich x


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If they sell well on the forum make up a batch to bring with you to camp they'll deffo sell there

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OK, so how's this going to work?  Are you going to list names and the number of key rings wanted per person, and make a few extra just in case?  When do you see this happening?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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