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Hello, I'm New Here And A Little Bit Worried About Our Husky...


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We adopted a 1 year old (F) Siberian Husky from a dog kennel I used to work at. 
Obviously she was a stray so we don't know her background. 
We have had her exactly a week today and I've noticed all she seems to do is pant and dripple (even in her sleep, she makes a wheezing sound). 
We have another dog (Border Collie F) and they get on great, they play way too much and after a wrestling match our Collie is soaked from drool. 
She seems really happy in herself, eating fine, drinking although she gets more water on the floor than in her mouth and she is alround hyper. 
I'm pretty worried about her though, maybe her previous owners ditched her because of health issues? 
We are already really attached to her, and we have her booked into the vets for her shots Monday and a week after that to be spayed. 
I'm really scared though, that I am going to wake up and find her dead. I've not come across a dog that has excessive panting and drooling. 

Thank you in advance of the advice!

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Well that is a relief that she is *touch wood*, OK. 
Any ideas on the drooling though? She had a wart in her mouth, its clearing up nicely now, could it be that maybe? She is going back to the vet monday anyway, so I will ask about it. 

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:hello:   and  :welcome:   Its hard not knowing the history of a rescue, and I think you tend to worry just that little more about health issues at first.  When you see the vet on Monday they should be able to tell you if there is something not right.  All my woofs have this dunking there mouths in the water and trailing it every where, I think they do this so they can play attack the mop.  Could be she is still healing from the wart, could be she is hot and excited.  Huskies as pups can be really hectic. (oh and when there older) 


Its great that she gets on so well with your Collie and I'm sure once she has settled in and seen the vet, all your fears will be forgotten.  


Keep us updated.  :D

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Hello.  My Malamute pants and her nose runs all the time, I agree with Carly it can be a sign of contentment.


Does she wee and poo ok?  Is she eating?  Maybe she was an outdoor dog before and if she's now inside it may be too warm for her.


Hope it all works out :)

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Thank you all for the advice, it really it a big relief that this is normal.

She does drool a lot though, which I will ask about at the vets tomorrow.

@Clair70 yes she eats and does her 1s and 2 just fine, she is quite greedy actually but to be fair is is a little on the skinny side, but I don't want to overfeed her either.

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